3 New Paint Classes

3 New Paint Classes

Ready for some fun? Holyrood community is hosting upcoming themed paint parties. 

I’ve been invited to lead them and I’m really excited to help you learn some fine art skills. 

To register Email: programs@holyroodcommunity.org

Or call Justine @ 780-951-3151

Seasonal Paintings

Seasonal Paintings

A great way to keep your staff happy is to change up your artwork in the office.  Expensive right?


You can rent paintings that cover different seasons, or themes for the year.  We will change them out so that you can have some fine art all year long.


Here is an example of some paintings that could be changed out showing different seasons.  

Follow all my latest paintings and  on instagram @some_fineart

Follow all my latest paintings and on instagram @some_fineart

I love social media…maybe even a little too much.

Sharing ideas, getting feedback, and brightening someone’s day, are the things that I enjoy the most using Instagram.

It easily ties back into my Facebook, and it can share different media formats e.g. pictures and videos.

I hope you enjoy my Instagram feed, it is where I post the paintings I’m working on, and the pictures that I find inspiring.