Jeanette is more than happy to create Commissioned Artwork according to your desires.

There are many reasons why people come to Jeanette for the creation of a custom piece of art. People often request a personalized art piece, for example, a portrait, a landscape, or something else that carries a personal meaning.Several commissions have come together with various pictures of typical Alberta scenery of everything we love about Alberta.

Interior designers commission art that fits in the theme of their latest project, while business clients like to incorporate corporate colors to complement their visual identity.


How Does It Work?


Commissioning artwork is easy. I start with your vision, concept style & color. You are welcome to browse my artwork to identify what appeals to you. We can also work from a photograph you supply


To start off the process,  contact Jeanette to meet about your vision to start talking about your commissioned piece.  


(780) 850-7089


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