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Jeanette Spencer

Some Fine Art, is the passionate work of Jeanette Spencer

Jeanette Spencer is a talented artist based in Edmonton, Canada,  her mediums are primarily oils and acrylics.  She has an approachable style that does not necessitate interpretation.  Jeanette’s favorite subjects are those that remind her of Alberta, and places that she has visited.

Jeanette's love for visual arts started at a young age, she was an excellent sketch artist and photographer. She did not start painting until her mid twenties between her second and third children. Painting quickly became a passion that she pursued relentlessly.

Jeanette's paintings reflect her deep appreciation for the natural world and its beauty. Her work is characterized by bold brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and a keen eye for interesting subjects.. She draws inspiration from the world around her, including the landscapes of the prairies, the Rockies, the urban cityscape of Edmonton and its river valley.

Jeanette's full time dedication is rewarded by her positive reviews at galleries and art shows in Edmonton and surrounding areas. The several offices that she exhibits in report that her art is inspirational, motivating, and calming.  Her website,, showcases a diverse collection of her original paintings, including landscapes, animals, and whimsical creations. Her approachable style and unique perspective have garnered praise and recognition from collectors,and social media followers.

Through her work, Jeanette hopes to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of the world around them and to connect with the emotions and experiences that art can evoke. Her paintings are a testament to her passion, skill, and love for her craft.

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