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Jeanette Spencer

Some Fine Art, is the passionate work of Jeanette.

I just love painting…housework, not so much. A normal workday consists of painting 12-16 hours in my home studio, mingled with swapping out paintings in varied offices and Cafes. I do try to get outdoors to paint,  and always looking for a restaurant or cafe to live paint in. There is nothing more relaxing than painting, but also,  watching an artist paint while dining out.

Painting helps me relax, reflect, and share my emotions on a canvas. I draw inspiration from local scenes, or places I have traveled to or want to visit.

I would love to hear what you think, and if you would like to learn more! Please contact me for a studio tour,  or locations to visit to view the many pieces I have  painted. If you know of a busy entertainment spot that could use some paintings on the wall, please pass on my web site. I would love to chat.

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