Live Painting – At your venue

Do you own a restaurant, have an upcoming banquet, or party?

Jeanette is set up to do live painting. She will create a work of art that is relevant to your event. A typical live painting will take approximately 3 hours.

Please call for a quote, or email



Paint party!

Wait…it’s party time!

Book an evening or day slot to have me come and do a paint party for your office, family, or social club.

I’ll bring the paint, easels, and canvas’.  You bring people, and a form of payment.

Children $30, Adults $40, or we can work out a group rate.


I use a projector and a camera so that people can all see what is going on, we can use a restaurant, community hall, house, or boardroom.



Buy…some fine art

I appreciate that you are exploring my work, and I would be honored if you put it in your home or office.

I don’t do prints, everything is original.

I price my art by size, and complexity.

Some smaller paintings sell for $250, larger ones e.g. 4’x6′ can be $1500, but most are in the middle.

Commissioned/custom pieces will get a quote, and a timeline for completion.

Fun Family Portraits

Snowman family

Hallowe’en family

Scarecrow family

Flower family

This list could go on and on…I can even add your dogs as a snow dog.

What ever your family loves, I can customize a family portrait without worrying about all that realism.

This is a fun whimsical way to capture your family with a truly original painting.

Art Rentals


Office looking a little dingy?

Are you still displaying prints from the last century?

Just saying…

Rent seasonal paintings from from $25-65 per month.  We can do a package deal as well for 3 or more paintings in your office.

We come in and set them up and then rotate your paintings every 4 months.  Minimum contract is 4 months.

Note: If you love the painting, and want to keep it at the end of a rental period we will discount the painting by the rent you paid for it.