Jeanette Spencer

Jeanette comes from a family of talented artists.  She has 7 sisters, two of them paint, other’s quilt, decorate, enjoy crafting, and knit.

Early on, picking up a brush was not on her list, rather, Jeanette enjoyed drawing, sewing, and glue gunning everthing in sight.

Her first paintings were not attempted until after baby #2 in 2003.  Her first painting was not particularly good.  It was actually really bad. But no one told her that until later.  We all just said, that sure is cute.  It was an attempt at folk art.  Fast forward to 2017 Jeanette has painted over 200 works ranging from whimsical to real life, abstract and the opposite of abstract.

Layering colour is critical to her paintings, she uses a liberal amount of paint, and is not afraid to take chances or test boundaries.

Her art does not require a lot of interpretation, what you see, is what it is.  The artwork makes you smile, feel relaxed, and wish it could be in your home.

Starting Some Fine Art has been in the works for several years, but time, family and caring for health were a priority. Plus we couldn’t come up with a name that worked.

Some Fine Art works on a few levels, the work is truly fine, it is art, and you probably want some.

Jeanette has the support of some wonderful friends, extended family, and of course her loving husband and children.